Special Trustee Vacancy Election

Pension board trustee Brad Landi resigned from the pension board effective December 8, 2020. Mr. Landi cited personal and professional obligations in making this difficult decision. He expressed his appreciation to the pension board, staff, and membership for the two years he served and the experience and knowledge he gained.


Mr. Landi's resignation has led to a vacancy on the Board. There is approximately one year remaining of his unexpired term. Our statute requires the pension board to set a date for an election to be held within 60 days of the vacancy. This means the Board needs to set this election date before February 6, 2021. (Note this deadline date only refers to the date the election is first held, not necessarily completed, due to the possibility of a runoff). This election is to complete the remainder of Mr. Landi's unexpired term which runs through December 2021.


Nominations - Dec 28, 2020, through Jan 6, 2021


Due to Covid-19 and restricted office hours, nominations will only be taken by telephone, email, or U.S. mail (postmarked no later than January 6, 2021). As noted above, a biography should be provided for every candidate nominated (not mandatory, however). Deadline for biographies to pension office by January 8, 2021. The nominations will be taken through the above dates during the hours 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Nominations deadline is January 6, 2021, by 5 p.m.


To nominate a candidate please email us at staff@afrs.org, call us at 512-454-9567, or mail your nomination to the Pension office (no later than Jan 6, 201)

Elections - Jan 15, 2021, through Jan 27, 2021


Run-Off - If necessary, Feb 10, 2021, through Feb 22, 2021

2020 Actuarial Study and Audit will begin shortly.
We will post here when complete

 2020 Retiree Update

The 2020 Retiree Update Letter has been mailed out to all retirees.  Just in case you wish to read in a soft copy please click on the link below.  Please note the letter contains updates regarding COLA, Firefighters who have passed, and other helpful information.

2020 Retiree Update

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