Benevolent Fund Refund Check

Benevolent Fund members will be receiving a $60 refund check October 25, 2020 due to the incorrect amount being deducted from the accounts. The correct amount will be deducted during the November 2020 payroll. 


December Board Meeting 12/21

Due to the "Stay-at-Home" order being extended, the Austin Fire Pension office has decided to conduct the October Board meeting online via Webex.

The telephone conference call meeting will be open to the public through the toll-free dial-in number: 408-418-9388

Access code: 126 599 0365

Meeting password: AFRSDecember20 (23773323 from phones)

Online Meeting link: https://afrs-lfl.my.webex.com/afrs-lfl.my/j.php?MTID=m3da842be9cf43eac659cfff5e7724f84


Board Trustee Election

Nominations for the pension trustee position whose 3 year term begins in January 2021 are now in. We have 2 firefighters who were nominated and agreed to run. They are Doug Fowler and Stephen Truesdell. The elections are held November 1-15th. The ballots with their bio included will be mailed to both the active and retired membership to their addresses we have on file for them and will also include an envelope to return to an independent entity or P. O. Box, for eventual counting of the ballots by the independent party. This counting of ballots will be observed by a representative from both the Austin Retired Firefighters Association (ARFFA) and the Austin Firefighters Association (Local 975).


Let us know if there are any questions.

Thank You,

Pension Staff


Board of Trustees Governance Policy

The Governance Policy for the Board of Trustees outlines the responsibility and rules under which they operate.

At the April Board Meeting and the third reading of this policy, the Board approved and adopted the policy. 

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2019 Annual Report

The Austin Firefighters Relief & Retirement Fund's Annual Report is available for viewing/downloading.  Please click on the icon that says 2019 Annual report.  If you wish to receive a Hard Copy please email us at staff@afrs.org and we will happily send one out to you.

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Contact Us

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