2019 Annual Report

The Austin Firefighters Relief & Retirement Fund is in the process of conducting the 2019 Audit & Actuarial Reports (GASB 67 & 68).

We will post the ANNUAL REPORT once completed

June 08, 2020

June Board Meeting

In anticipation of the "Stay-at-Home" order to be extended, the Austin Fire Pension office has decided to conduct the June Board meeting online via Webex.

The telephone conference call meeting will be open to the public through the toll-free dial-in number 408-418-9388 with access code 126 901 9112 and meeting password June2020AFRS (by phone 58632020).

Online Meeting link: https://afrs-lfl.my.webex.com/afrs-lfl.my/j.php?MTID=mdb9338a08dc6e4704a7eb0ab7e75632b 

January 01, 2020

Linda Adney retires from the Pension Fund Office

It has been a pleasure to have worked with Linda Adney for the past 24 years. Linda never took her position for granted and always conveyed her appreciation having the opportunity to be part of our team. How lucky we were to have her join us and be such an important part of our pension office. I never heard of any complaints from our membership regarding Linda; and that’s a rarity these days.

Day-in and day-out Linda was there for us and a person that was most dedicated to her job. Having been a 2 person office for over 20 years, there were numerous occasions (such as her broken ankle) when she could have and probably should have, stayed home. But instead, she said “I need to get our retirees’ payroll out”, and was always there to see it through. That’s just one example of the type of person she is.

We had planned a grand and much-deserved retirement celebration for you, Linda. Although that was not possible for now, we do have some retirement gifts that we want to present to you to express our gratitude for everything you have done for us. When it’s safe to go back in the water we would like to have a proper get-together in person if possible. (Maybe not in Costa Rica however; might be hard to pull that off.)

Linda, we want you to know how much you meant to this office and how much the membership appreciates everything you have done. You have been an anchor for our pension office and a class act all the way. We hope you have a wonderful “retirement”
and please don’t be a  stranger! All The Best!

Bill Stefka

April 28, 2020

Board of Trustee's Governance Policy

The Governance Policy for the Board of Trustees outlines the responsibility and rules under which they operate.

At the April Board Meeting and the third reading of this policy, the Board approved and adopted the policy. 

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