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.  Important Information regarding the Annual Report:

. Starting with the 2018 Annual Report we will NO longer be mailing out the reports as we have done in the past.  This will help reduce operational cost and it's better for the environment.  Please click on the link below to print the entire 2018 Annual Report which includes the annual auditor’s financial statements of the Fund detailing the financial position of the pension plan, also included in the report is the annual actuarial valuation report detailing the plan’s pension liability for current and future retirees’ benefits, and the amortization period related to funding those liabilities. In addition, the “Pension Plan Guide” has been included in the report to describe the plan provisions including illustrations of various retirement options and examples; as well as a chronology of plan changes and enhancements through the years.

Click here to view/print the 2018 Annual Report

Should you need a hard copy mailed to you please go to the Home Page and fill out the form.

With valuable input from both our retired and active members, several suggestions and recommendations were made to further clarify and expand upon certain new benefit options related to surviving beneficiaries which were made in recent years. These enhancements will prove to be more inclusionary and will be highlighted and incorporated in our plan provisions listed on our website. Going forward the pension board has agreed that only the auditor’s and the actuary’s reports will be included in the “Annual Reports” to provide the financial and actuarial condition of the Fund; while the “Pension Plan Guide” including retirement benefit options and examples will only be listed on the website as a separate document but not part of the “Annual Report” itself. This will enable more timely changes to the information provided on the website as deemed necessary. These changes will go in effect with the 2019 Reports.